Thursday, September 28, 2006

Welcome to my Blog!

As most of y'all know, my penname is PotterPhan21. I am a female, so y'all don't need to fuss over that. For all of those out there who happened across my blog, read at your own risk. This is my official home page, so if you just want to rant at me, do so here. I'll be posting random things here and there. This website's more like my online collection of stuff than anything else. A full profile is available at my fanfiction(dot)net address, as well as my stories. I might post future pieces in here; I might put preview stuff up. Frankly I don't know.

I don't do cussing, I don't do slash stories, and I most certainly don't read anything above a PG-13 level. If you have an R-rated story you want reviewed, go somewhere else. I won't do it.

If you find my style offensive, then I'm just doing my job. I have been a Christian for 10 years, and the Bible says that if I offend you by telling you about Christ, then I'm just doing my job. I'll probably put a tract up here later. This is just my beginning.

A Proud Sister of Christ,