Sunday, February 01, 2009

So You Want To Join My C2?

Blog Edited: 8-21-09

But before you do, let’s get some basics down, shall we? Or the FAQs, as they’re called.

What is a C2?

A C2 is a community or collection of stories based off its title. The C2 is normally restricted to the boundaries of the title. My title is Time Travel, AU, past & future fics, and crossovers. More on this title will be explained later.

Is there some kind of price for joining?

No, it’s entirely free.

What do I do?

Your job is keeping an eye out for stories that match the C2 and then add them to it.

Do I have to add stories?

Nope, you can join and sit on your butt and never add a story, though I would prefer you not.

Can I add stories even if I'm not a member of the C2?

(Added: 8-21-09)

No. In order to add or delete stories from the C2, you must be a member.

What do I get out of it?

Whenever a story is added, an alert is automatically sent to your e-mail account and all the accounts of the other members, giving the basic details of the story. The manager (that’s me) will decide whether or not it can stay in the C2. If it doesn’t, that’s because it contradicts the rules only, not because I’m discriminating based on the category.

I don't want to join, but I want to know when new stories are added.
(Added: 8-21-09)

Then you need to press the subscribe link. Make sure you are logged into the site when you do this. You get the benefits of story alerts, but you yourself cannot edit the C2.

What are the rules?
(Edited: 8-21-09)

The rules are simple and follow as such.

1. No M or R rated stories. I do this simply because they’re too rough and I don’t like reading stories where there are explicit scenes, overuse of bad language, stuff like that. I aim to be a youth-friendly C2.

2. No slash. This is another word for homosexual stories, where men are paired with men, and women with women. Usually m-preg (male pregnancies) fall here too, but I have found a few that might be remotely possible and did like those. But no slash at all. Period. I barely tolerate Captain Jack Harkness. Total waste, especially Ianto. But yes, I do realize that Captain Jack Harkness flirting with anything that moves is inevitable in every story. (Sigh) I do, however, allow some stories, within reason, where Jack is duel-gendered, because technically speaking, duel-gendered people cannot be involved in a slash pairing. Also, no incest, especially stuff with two Doctors or the Weasley twins paired together. Sickening.

3. No anime/manga. This includes Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon. I don’t keep up with the stuff but as it is pretty much M-rated, it is thus banned from the C2.


What are the favorite additions right now?

Doctor Who, Harry Potter, NCIS, and Moonlight are high up there right now.

Do you favor certain pairings?

So long as they’re possible, yeah. I don’t think the Doctor could fancy Martha, what with his Rose fixation and Donna wouldn’t care to. Jack/Donna pairings are on the rise, though and are accepted. Also, Draco Malfoy wouldn’t suddenly dump a pureblood girlfriend to go out with Hermione Granger. Translation: If you’re going to do a non-canon pairing, make me believe the pairing is possible, not just the author wanting those two thrown together because they think it’s “cute.”

What’s with the title?
(Edited: 8-21-09)

Ah, we reach the main issue. The title is composed of four parts.

1. Time Travel – where one characters goes backward or forward in time, intentionally or not, sometimes changing the past, sometimes affecting the future. Doctor Who’s a little touchy on this, since the series is about time travel. Usually stories I pick for the C2 from Doctor Who fall under the other subcategories.

2. AU – short for “alternate universe”. This means that something changed in “canon” to lead the series down a different path. This can be for the better or, sometimes, for the worst. Voldemort winning is a popular topic, or Harry going Dark/Evil. Mirror Universes, and different dimensions are also included.

3. Past & Future fics – simply put, these are stories that take place before and after the canon events are set. For example, in Harry Potter, Marauder era stories and those about Harry and Ginny's, and Ron and Hermione's children would fall in this subcategory (or mix and match, again no incest or slash).

4. Crossovers – when one series crosses paths with another. For example, Doctor Who meets Harry Potter. You’ve probably seen quite a bit of that since David Tennant played Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and is the incumbent Doctor for Doctor Who. Also, crossovers include paradoxes between different Doctors, which means a sort of temporal displacement in itself between Doctors. Even the TV shows did these. I reference The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors, and Time Crash for this purpose.

Are you limited to one area?

No, stories from everything, everywhere, and everywhen can be added to this C2. It’s a general C2 for this very reason.

Okay, I agree with everything. How do I join?

Send me a PM asking if you can. Please verify you have read this blog. That way, I don’t have to go through the monotony of explaining everything again. Also, if you are interested, I have more info below with details about my other C2. It’s not as big or bold, more like a side project. It’s not a requirement to join both. If you only want to join one or the other, that’s quite all right.
After you ask, I send you an e-mail through Fanfiction.Net that will give you the option to accept or decline. Click the one you want. Your acceptance or denial will be recorded.

What is the other C2?
It's called the Lupin-Tonks Files, and deals with Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks and relatives of these two, including Teddy Lupin, Andromeda Tonks and their respective pairings.

Where are they located?

They are located at the following links: Main C2 and Other C2.

What happens to the stories I’ve added if I back out?

They will be deleted. Should you decide to quit, give me a weeks’ heads up so that I can save the stories you added and re-add them myself when you go. I’ll be very grouchy if you don’t.

Should you have any more questions, ask me in the comments section below. I’ll respond and update the blog to include that question as well.

Looking forward to seeing you join!

~Moony's Metamorphmagus~