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My Plotbunnies

Read on, stranger, but take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed,
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn.
So if you seek to steal my stories,
God will be the least of your worries.
Thief, beware, you have been warned,
There’s nothing like a woman scorned.

These are plotbunnies that need good homes. If you want one, please PM at my profile: If you need to change the summery or title slightly to fit your concept, that is acceptable. There are only 3 rules that have to be followed, so read carefully.

1.) No slash. That means characters must be paired with a member of the opposite gender.
2.) Must be rated K-T (No M)
3.) I must get credit for the original idea, even if it's just "Hey, this was Moony's Metamorphmagus's, now it's mine."

Thanks and if you do choose one, take good care of it. They're very sensitive.

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A Familiar ProblemDanny Phantom/CharmedSummery: A teenage witch in Amity Park accidentally turns herself into a cat and now must find the Charmed Ones to turn back into a human. She accidentally gets adopted by one Danny Fenton. Will she ever reach the Charmed Ones? (This story has been relegated to the plot bunny section; I started it, and ran out of steam in the first chapter. If someone adopts it, I will send all notes available, including the first chapter and a bit of a later chapter.)

AlterationStar Trek: EnterpriseSummery: A simple away mission on a seemingly innocent new world has unusual consequences for members of the crew. Captain Archer discovers he is now invulnerable to harm from solid matter or energy beams. Trip can turn invisible and intangible at will. Hoshi has disturbing premonitions, Travis can teleport himself, and Malcolm can fire beams of energy from his hands. The two MACOs also along with them develop powers, one stretching her body, the other conjuring shields. A post “Terra Prime” story. Disregards “These are the Voyages…”

Behind These Violet/Purple EyesDanny PhantomSummery: AU. Betrayed and abused by her former husband, Sam Manson moves from Springfield, Illinois to Amity Park. There, she meets Danny Fenton, a shy young man who instantly falls in love with her. Can Sam overcome her fear of men and be with Danny or is she forever doomed to a life of solitude? (Notes: I put Amity Park in Illinois, but that can be changed. Also Danny and Sam are twenty-one in this fic. Title from Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson.)

Blue Moon - Harry Potter - Summary: After she graduates from Hogwarts, Cho Chang leaves Britain for Forks, Washington, where she finds EdwardCullen - who looks just like her dead love Cedric Diggory - in love with another girl. Twilight/Harry Potter crossover. Both from movie-verses, with Robert Pattinson.

Danny Fenton and the Prisoner of AzkabanDanny Phantom OR Harry PotterSummery: Major AU. After the defeat of Voldemort, Dumbledore sent Harry Potter into the future to protect him. He convinced a family in North America to adopt Harry. Now, twelve years later (in the original timeline), Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban and is determined to find Harry. But Harry isn't anywhere to be found, as he is now known as Danny Fenton of Amity Park, Illinois. And Sirius Black will do anything in his power to find Harry. Even if he ends up going to the future. (Notes: This one is a little off, but keep in mind, the person who adopts this one can bend the summery to his or her own ideas.)

Death Waits For No CSICSI: Crime Scene InvestigationSummery: The CSI team pursues the trail of a man who claims to be Death himself. He’s already killed two people with a scythe, leaving notes at each crime scene that it was their time. Now the team must catch this psychopath, before he ends up killing one of them.

Distorted ReflectionsHarry PotterSummery: Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, allies of Draco Malfoy, are all Slytherins. On top of that, all three accepted the Dark Lord's offer and are Death Eaters. Power-hungry, vicious, and determined to gain power, the Silver Trio overthrow the Dark Lord himself. Years later, though, a survivor from the Revolution appears. A survivor named...Hermione Granger. Welcome to the Mirror Universe. (AN: No, not the same as Mirror, Mirror. This one is on the premise that Harry accepted Draco's offer on the train, with the promise of Ron coming as well. As such, Harry and Ron turned evil. Hermione, however, became a Ravenclaw and led the rebels against Harry's forces and lost. This one truly belongs to the Mirror Universe category.)

Dragons and Ghosts, Oh My!AD:JL/ Danny PhantomSummery: Ghostly apparitions in New York prompt the Fentons to take a trip to the Big Apple. While there, Danny finds himself battling a powerful, evil ghost dragon intent on possessing a gem that grants your greatest desires. In the dragon’s case, to become an even more powerful ghost than Pariah Dark. The American Dragon and Danny Phantom must team up; for without the other, neither can succeed in the battle to protect the magical world, the human world, and the Ghost Zone!

Ghosts at Wild AdventuresDanny PhantomSummery: While on their field trip to Wild Adventures, the trio encounter a ghost hauting the wooden rollarcoaster. Now they must stop him before he recreates the accident that led to his death. Add Sam freeing a bunch of the wildlife and things are going to go totally wild! (Note: Wild Adventures is located in Valdosta, GA)

Growing up DannyDanny PhantomSummery: When Danny is told he needs to be a certain age to go on a trip, he wishes he was 5 years older. Unfortunately, Desiree hears his wish, and when Danny wakes up the next morning, he’s older, but everything else is the same. Now a 19-year-old Danny must find Desiree, unwish his wish, and become himself again.

History Repeats ItselfHarry PotterSummery: History repeats itself when Harry and Ginny are killed protecting their two-year old daughter, Jamie. The child disappears without a trace. Nine years later, at a Muggle home, a letter is delivered, announcing the acceptance of the Girl-Who-Lived at Hogwarts. Will Jamie decide to follow in her parents' footsteps or will she denounce the entire magical world?

In Plain SightStar WarsSummery: When Mace Windu was thrown out of the window in SW III, he didn't fall to his death. Instead, he landed in the backseat of a woman's car. She was running late, and was thus in a hurry. Still, she finds the time to tend to Mace and discovers that he is a Jedi and hides him from the new Empire. 20(?) years later, when the Empire is destroyed, Mace and his friend leave Coruscant to find the son of Skywalker. (Notes: MacexOC pairing. Mace also has droid hands similar to Luke's.)

Marauders of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black PearlHarry PotterSummery: The Pirates cast, except with the Marauders and Co. Features Sirius Black in place of Jack Sparrow, James Potter in place of Will Turner and of course, Lily Evans instead of Elizabeth Swann. Also features Mr. Remus Lupin instead of Mr. Gibbs and Severus Snape instead of Commodore Norrington. Captain Barbossa is unknown, possibly Peter Pettigrew or even an OC. (A/N: If somebody doesn't grab this one, I might!)

Murder in Aisle 1CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationSummery: The team investigates the seemingly random shooting of a teenager in a local Walmart. But as they get closer to the murderer, it may turn deadly as the murderer takes Sara hostage.

Oh, ProphetsStar Trek: DS9Summery: Post "The Begotten." It's the morning after Odo has become a Changeling again. But he's plagued by fits of sneezing, for some odd reason, which causes him to ripple at unexpected times. He visits Dr. Bashir and finds out that a piece of the baby changeling that died actually survived and has now bonded with Odo's morphogenic matrix, causing all the classic symptoms of a Bajoran pregnancy. Desperate, Odo seeks out advice from Kira on what to do for the next month or two. Eventual Kido. (Notes: I don't know if this would be classified as a malepreg. story, considering the baby actually did this itself. As for the sneezing, Odo was raised Bajoran, so it would be possible for his body to react in a Bajoran manner. Eh, I'm weird, what can I say?)

P is for PhantomDanny Phantom/W.I.T.C.H.Summery: Mr. Lancer decides to take the freshmen class to NYC. Danny thought he left his problems in Amity Park, and could actually enjoy this trip. Boy was he wrong. Now Plasmius is after the Heart and the Guardians need Danny's help in defeating him.

Past PretenseStar Trek: Enterprise OR Harry PotterSummery: What if Captain Archer was wrong? What if the genetically enhanced Suliban weren't receiving help from the future? What if it was someone from the past? Someone magical? Someone named...Lord Voldemort? (Notes: Takes place between year 6 and year 7. Crossover of each other obviously.)

Phantom’s FuryDanny PhantomSummery: When Sam and Tucker are seemingly killed, Danny vows to avenge their “murders”. But he turns evil in his anger and now Sam and Tucker must escape their prison before Danny becomes his Ultimate Enemy!

Truly PsychicPsychSummery: Shawn gets the shock of his life when he begins having dreams that turn out to be true. And to make it worse, he accidentally slips that he wasn't a psychic before. Oh, dear, what now?

The Future is HereStar Trek: EnterpriseSummery: The Enterprise is returning to Earth for a refitted pair of nacelles when a ship literally drops in front of them. Curious, Archer, T'Pol, Trip, and Malcom board the foreign ship and find one Captain Braddox unconscious. But before they can stop it, the ship is launched into the future, dragging Enterprise along with it. Two hundred years later, two unknown ships appear in front of the Enterprise-E, their power drained. How will the Starfleet crew from 2153 deal with life in the 24th century? And how will they get back?

The Next Great AdventureHarry Potter/Star Trek: OtherSummery: The Second War is over. Voldemort has been defeated. Unfortunately, it came with a price: Harry Potter's death. Or did it? When Harry's body was destroyed, his soul was sent through space and time. He wakes up to find that he is now a Starfleet commander aboard the U.S.S. Freedom. The time? 2380 A.D. His new "assignment"? The Federation Space Station Deep Space 13, on the edge of Romulan Space. Can Harry Potter survive this new century? And who is that red-headed girl in his dreams? (SPECIAL Note: This one comes with the first chapter, a detailed plot, and a list of main characters, subject to change at adoptee's will.)

Time After TimeStar Trek: TNG/Back to the FutureSummery: Since the Delorean's been destroyed, Marty's been having the time of his life. He married Jennifer and had the two children just like in the original timeline. But now, Doc Brown has shown up on his doorstop with astonishing news. The Star Trek universe is real and needs the two expert timetravelers of the 20th century to defeat an time-manipulating species that intends on eradicating life on earth before it ever began. They adapt the Enterprise-D with a flux capacator modified to activate at Warp 9.75. They end up chasing this species through different history periods, including Vulcan's turbulent past, witnessing the first Trill joining, and even seeing the original Kahless. They even jump into the future a few times, seeing the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole, and contacting Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. Will they capture the species in time or is Earth doomed? (Notes: You can thank Unrealistic of Yami-chan and Unrealistic for this plotbunny. Grrr. She mentions it in a review and my brain off and does this. (Sigh) This ends up having multiple crossovers, including DS9, Voyager, and maybe even TOS or Enterprise.)

UNTITLEDStar Trek: Deep Space Nine/L&C:NAoSSummery: Q sends himself back to the 1990s, and head to Metropolis for a little fun. He finds Lois and Clark busy at work, and being the prankster he is, sends them to DS9 for a little “Relaxation Time”. Without H.G. Wells to help them, Lois and Clark have to find their own way back to their time.

UNTITLEDDoctor Who/Harry PotterSummery: The Doctor and Rose land in the year 1995 in the Harry Potter universe. The TARDIS is unable to go due to a broken part and must be fixed before it can travel again. Unfortunately for the Doctor, someone thinks he's some escaped prisoner named Barty Crouch, Jr. Oh, dear. Now what? With the Doctor imprisoned under false charges, Rose has to enlist the help of three secretive teenagers to free the Doctor. (AN: This is actually a plotbunny courtesy of my sister. She wondered what would happen if the tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, traveled to that world. Barty Crouch Jr. was also played by David Tennant.)

UNTITLED – Harry Potter/Lois&Clark (or any other, frankly) – Summery: Lois and Clark are sent to England toinvestigate the mysterious deaths plaguing the country. While there, they are drawn into a world neither knew existedas the war against Voldemort reaches a crescendo. (A/N: Post HBP, preseason 4 of L&C, flexible.)

UNTITLED – Doctor WhoSummary: We all know the Doctor and the Master were the last of the Time Lords. But what if there was another out there, the last of the Time Ladies? Jane Smith is a schoolteacher in 2010 Cardiff. Every night, she dreams of another world, burning. Around her are dead bodies that look human but aren't. Ever since she was a teenager, she has only dreamed of what her past could be. Until one day, she hears grinding and tracks it down. And comes face to face with the Doctor.

UNTITLED – Harry PotterSummary: In the Battle of Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy is killed. But he is given the option of a second chance by Fate. Determined not to repeat his mistakes, an 11-year old Draco, with his memory intact, starts Hogwarts. (Challenge: Make it a believable DM/HG pairing)

UNTITLED – Doctor WhoSummary: While traveling with the Doctor, Rose awakens to find herself in the past, along with the Doctor. But he believes himself to be a human named John Smith and she his wife. Worse yet, “Smith” doesn’t believe anything she tells him about who they really are. Can Rose uncover the mastermind behind this sinister plot before she is locked away forever, believed to be insane? (Challenges for plotbunny: 1. Rose must be with the Doctor. (Mickey and/or Jack optional). 2. Must not echo Human Nature/Family of Blood. 3. Must have 10th Doctor, because this would end up 10/Rose. 4. Must take place in past, but not 1913 (see #2) 5. Rose must somehow keep her memory. 6. Through another way, the Doctor thinks himself human. (see #2))

UNTITLED – Harry PotterSummary: Harry Potter sends Voldemort a birthday present as a gag. But he never expected Voldemort to become attached to it. The gift? A Tom-Tom! (Oneshot, if possible).

UNTITLED – Harry PotterSummary: Harry is believed to have been killed by Voldemort in the Final Battle, when in reality, he was simply thrown back in time. He appears in 1977, unconscious and with amnesia to boot. And to top it all off, he is fancied by none other than Lily Evans!

UNTITLED – UnknownSummary: Five teams are chosen to battle against the best in the universe. If they win, Earth survives. If not...Earth is wiped from existence. Who are these teams? Well, they are: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, Danny Phantom and Sam Manson, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, Ben and Gwen Tennyson, and Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. Their adversaries? Well, that's up to you!



Do a Harry Potter/Starter Wife fusion! The real challenge? Draco/Hermione! 2nd place: Harry/Ginny, 3rd: Ron/Hermione


So, choose carefully. If you have any doubts, don't. I'd rather see it stay here than turn out to be a complete waste of time for both of us. Thanks for visiting my homepage!